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November 9, 2013
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       "Ahh!" CC's fork clattered on the plate, he sat back and rubbed his nonexistent belly. "Ash, that was the best fucking breakfast I've ever had!" He belched loudly. "'Scuse me!"

       "I agree, I'm stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving!" Jake added.

       "So," Andy said. "have you got your outfit ready for the party tomorrow?"

       "Shit! That's tomorrow!" The party had completely slipped my mind! "I still need to get my stitches taken out!"

       "Well you better get your shit together man." Andy leaned back in his chair.

       "I'll get it taken care of, what about you guys, you ready yet?"

       "Psh, yeah!" The guys said in unison.

       I stood up, and put my plate in the sink. "Guess I better get going."

       The guys fallowed suit, trailing behind me as I walked to the front door, I stopped and faced them. "What are you doing?"

       "We're coming with you man!" CC shouted, and bolted past me to my car. "Shotgun!"

       One by one, the guys filed out and waited for me to unlock the car, Jinxx gave me a small shrug as he walked by me, as if saying Eh, what can you do, rolling my eyes, I locked the door behind me and let the guys climb in.


       "Put on some tunes!" Jake shouted from the backseat.

       "Okay, okay!" I had been driving with these, these, children for ten minutes and they were already driving me mad! It was literally like having a bunch of five-year olds in the car. They were constantly bickering and shouting. I put on Mussy by Havok In Hollywood, and hoped they would shut up. No offense to the guys, but seriously, give me a break!

       "Ashley, what the fuck is this shit!" Andy shouted over the music.

       "First of all, it's not shit, second, it's Havok Hollywood and they are one of the best fucking bands out there!"

       "Play some KISS or Iron Maiden goddamit!" Andy shouted.

       CC: "No man, Motley Crue"

       Jake: "Guns 'N Roses!"

       Andy: "I said KISS!"

       I looked at Jinxx through the rearview mirror, he was staring out the window with his headphones in, that lucky bastard. My grip on the steering wheel tightened until my knuckles turned white. Stress, that had been building up since the visit to Sammi's house, was bubbling to the surface. I really didn't want to blow up at the guys, but this was getting to be a little too much.

       "WILL YOU ALL SHUT THE FUCK UP" I was breathing heavily. Out of the rearview mirror I saw that Jinxx was staring at me, eyes wide with surprise.

       The entire car was silent except for the music. "Thank, fucking, you!" I felt someone place a hand on my shoulder, it was Jinxx, I took a deep breath and nodded to let him know I was alright. Then I checked the mirror again to see the reaction to what he had just done. None of the guys were paying attention to me, they had all pulled out there phones and were probably texting their girlfriends.

       Now don't get me wrong, I loved Andy, CC, and Jake. They were like my bro's, but sometimes they made me want to repeatedly slam my hand against a brick wall. In other words, they were really immature, they had their serious times, but hey, we were all still young. I was glad that the guys didn't hold grudges against my quick temper. They knew I didn't mean it, and the respected my need for quiet. So by the time we arrived at the hospital, we were all joking and laughing again.

       Having stitches taken out felt like someone was pulling your hair out, hair that really didn't want to come out. There were times I felt my skin was going to pull out, luckily, that didn't happen. Now, we were all back in my car on the way to some Halloween store to find me a costume. When we reached Halloween City, my first thoughts were "Oh god no" there were cheesy grinning pumpkins on the windows and fake spiders with fake eyes, we stood outside the building, I gazed at the gray building with my hands on my hips. Well, it couldn't hurt to look...

       Well it wasn't a surprise that we walked out empty handed. The whole store was full of lame Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, and Grim Reaper's. Even though it was a costume party, I wanted something more elegant. So we drove back home, the guys went their separate ways back to their girlfriends. Jinxx and I were in the living-room. Chrome was curled up in my lap, Sebastian was nuzzling Jinxx's face, making it impossible for him to talk without getting cat fur in his mouth.

       "So..." spit, spit "What're you gonna..." spit, spit "Wear to the party?" spit, spit

       "I don't know, I'll pull something together last minute I guess. What are you gonna wear?"

       "It's a surprise."

       We were silent for a few moments, lost in our own thoughts. Tomorrow, Jinxx would have to take Sammi as his date, who would I take? I guess I could go alone. I wanted to go with Jinxx though! Oh well, I stroked Chrome's soft fur. Jinxx's hand found its way into mine and rubbed the top of my hand with his thumb. With tomorrow threatening to overtake us, I figured I might as well make this night, a night to remember. I stood up and walked over to my surround system, plugged in my iPod and put on some music. Of course, Davey Suicide's Grab a Gun and Hide Your Morals was the first song to come up. I banged my head back and forth, Jinxx stood up and ran out me with his hands forming devil horns.

       "YEAH!" He shouted.

       Together, we ran to the kitchen and grabbed some bottles from the pantry, then we ran to the backyard. I staggered to a stop, apparently the guys had overlooked this place when they were cleaning because there was still a huge stain, and broken glass on the ground. Sighing, I went back inside to retrieve a broom and dustpan. After clearing the ground, I splashed soap and vinegar on the ground and scrubbed at the rusty brown stain with the broom. Jinxx had decided to busy himself preparing the grill, looks like we were having a two-person barbeque. After cleaning up, I flicked on the switch for the pool lights, blue, green, and white lights flashed underneath the pool. We had music, we had lights, we had food. Everything was going quite nicely.

       "Hey Jinxx?" I asked, we were sitting at the edge of the pool, our feet gently kicking the water. A warm plate of food was on my lap, but I could barely taste anything.

       "Yeah?" Jinxx replied.


       "What's going to happen tomorrow?" Worry knotted my gut.

       "I don't know Ash, I have to go with Sammi, hopefully it'll be fine." Jinxx wrapped an arm around my shoulder. "Hey, are you done with that?" I motioned to my plate. I nodded it and handed it over. "Thanks!" and in one swift motion, pushed me into the pool.

       "Jinxx!" I sputtered when I came up for air. "You dick!" I glared at him through the strands of dripping water. Meanwhile, Jinxx was laughing his ass off, holding his stomach. I slapped my hands on the water, sending a spray of water towards Jinxx, his laughing stopped abruptly. I smirked smugly at him.

       "Oh, it's on now!" He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side.

       I was momentarily stunned by the vision of water dripping down Jinxx's chest, but when he splashed into the pool and dove towards me, you best believe I snapped out of it and swam for my life. Jinxx was gaining on me, I could feel his hands skimming my ankles. In a desperate attempt to escape, I took a lungful of air and dove underwater. Above me, Jinxx looked around, confused, then dipped his head in the water and grinned at me. The pool lights changing his skin from blue to white, his hair swaying beautifully in the water. He dove down and wrapped his arms around me. Our bodies were slippery against each other, and my lungs were starting to burn, but Jinxx held me down and placed a chaste kiss on my lips. Kissing underwater? Oh Jinxx, you're so cheesy, but I love you I thought as we rushed to the surface.

       When we broke the surface, gasping for air, Jinxx wrapped his arms around my waist, and held me close to him. "No matter what happens tomorrow, I don't want to lose this, what we have."

       I touched my forehead to his. "You won't" I smiled and kissed his nose. Laughing as I felt him hug me tighter.

       Wet and tired, we climbed out of the pool and hopped into the shower. We shut down for the night, and crawled into bed, Jinxx's body, a reassuring presence behind me.

       "Who knows what tomorrow will bring." Jinxx whispered in my ear, his voice already heavy with sleep. "We only have today. So let's enjoy it together."
I don't know, this chapter feels iffy to me, hmm..hmm 
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SkullYukiru369 Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwwww *----* that's not iffy, that's really cute *W* underwater kisses awww *O* 
can't wait for next chapter!! *_____* :heart:
XxMaria-MxX Nov 15, 2013  Student Writer
Hahaha thank you! (Sorry I took so long to respond, I finally got a job and barely had time to get online)
XxMaria-MxX Nov 11, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you :3
MornaStar Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think it might feel iffy to you because you forgot a few things. It wasn't that lengthy, which wasn't one of those things, Jinxx had been making BBQ and all of a sudden it was gone, The whole blood and glass on the patio sounded just like filler to me, it was mentioned, quick actions were taken, but it didn't seem like PART of the chapter you know? Like someone cut and pasted. 
The whole kiss under the water thing was great! I appreciated that a lot lol. Jinxx is cheesy and it's awesome that you included that part of him in this chapter. Watch with Ashley's anger, Don't over power him, he is a very laid back guy and loves to party, he is a surfer for god's sake lol. However, I did like that you make him get angry at them because they are like family and I'm sure it does get annoying. Friends can get tiring, especially when you spend a lot of time with them. We are creatures that need interaction, but we long for our solitude to be ourselves and I think if you play with Ashley and Jinxx wanting their solitude from their friends a bit it would be great. 
I would also do a bit of research on Jinxx and Ashley's friends outside of BVB then you can add that in a little bit. That way it's not JUST BVB. Check their twitters. I know that they (at least Ashley) talks about his other friends. Jinxx not so much ever since the fans were too nosey. That's another thing. Jinxx likes his privacy and Ashley doesn't mind being in the spot light. You can play with that as well and lead into some type of confrontation with that. Don't forget Ashley likes Country and Jinxx likes Classical music. They both like other music as well. Ashley likes pop and rap and things like that. :) Just a little bit of help. You don't have to use any of that. Nice on cutting out the nick names in this chapter. 
If you are anything like me I would ask some men what they call their girlfriends. You could make a survey for your class, I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about. Put down gender and a blank space asking for their nick names for their girlfriend/boyfriend. It can be anonymous. I did something like this when I wanted to know if eye color had anything to do with favorite color. :) I hope this is helpful. 
By the by you should totally check out this video. :D…
XxMaria-MxX Nov 11, 2013  Student Writer
It was, I really feel like it was a filler and I might rewrite it later on but for now *sigh* it'll stay the way it as. As for the band, I like having Jinxx and Ashley alone, but then again I don't want to completely cut them out of the story. I know Ashley likes all types of genres, which is why Mussy by Havok in Hollywood was mentioned, it's sort of a mix between rap and rock n' roll. Thanx for all this awesome advice, I'll be sure to put it into use in chapter 9 :)
MornaStar Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol you don't have to use it in Chapter nine, but in the chapters to come. I suspect that this story is going to be a nice long story :) 
XxMaria-MxX Nov 11, 2013  Student Writer
Hahaha, but there are things in this comment that I totally could use, and hopefully. I don't want to drag out the story more than it has to be, so I was thinking 13 chapters, if I go with it, then things are starting to wind down.
MornaStar Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah alright. well I can't wait to read chapter 10!!! 
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